bride and groom In palos verdes

Truthfully, I adored every second of being Christine and Mathiue’s wedding photographer in Palos Verdes. 

Their 1920’s-themed wedding was sheer magic, creative, and felt so authentic—from the clothes to the ceremony and the reception. Even the venue, the Malaga Cove Library, was a historic building built in 1929. It really did feel as though one were stepping back in time.

Why did these two lovebirds choose a 1920’s-themed wedding in a library? Well, that’s an easy question to answer! Both Christine and Mathieu love vintage culture, and Mathieu is a writer by profession and a big reader. And given the history of the library itself, It all just came together so perfectly. 

This couple, so effortlessly in love and easy-going, made my task of being their Malaga Cove Library photographer such a joy. And the venue… absolutely incredible!

Why choose Malaga Cove Library for Your Photography Session?

The truth is, the Malaga Cove Library isn’t going to tickle everyone’s fancy. But for book lovers, writers, architecture admirers, and other creatives, this understated and somewhat unusual spot may just be perfect for a photography session. 

As you step inside, it’s as if you can smell the richness of its history. It has a vintage and rustic charm that’s hard to beat, and a relaxed and romantic feel to it. 

On the outside, marvel upon its Mediterranean Revival style design, and take a wander through the picturesque garden, designed by the Olmsted brothers (whose father designed Central Park in New York City). 

Picture yourself immortalizing time with your Malaga Cove Library photographer with these aforementioned backdrops as the gentle ocean breeze fills the spaces with sheer beauty. Calming, isn’t it? 

And what a great way to celebrate your love and adoration with a partner or with your family, wouldn’t you agree?

March 30, 2023

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