Not only did this Palos Verdes family photo shoot brim with rustic charm and gorgeous nature, but it was also an occasion to photograph my best friend Coral and her family! How amazing is that?

Simply put: it was the most awe-inspired photo shoot location for the Santana family, as it encompasses all of the things they love most—nature and animals. In fact, Coral and Oscar met whilst working as vet technicians!

During our fun-filled photo shoot, I had the chance to watch them enjoy the wildflowers in the height of spring alongside the green hills, ocean views, and ranches with majestic horses. I also had the chance to use Coral’s vintage instant film camera in the shoot, as per her request, as she too is a photographer. 

All in all, the day was perfect, filled with smiles, good weather, and amazing company.

So, if you’re also a nature lover, you’ll absolutely adore Palos Verdes for either a visit or a professional photo shoot by a Palos Verdes California photographer.

Why Choose Palos Verdes for Your Photography Session?

Palos Verdes is a coastal city in Los Angeles County, found in the South Bay region. It’s a peninsula that contains a group of cities, all with unique characteristics. From dramatic ocean views to intriguing city views, Palos Verdes is a wonderfully-diverse spot to have a photography session.

As a Palos Verdes California photographer however, there are some spots that have really captured my heart when it comes to celebrating a big occasion. For the best backdrops and gems for photography in Palos Verdes, here are some of my personal recommendations.

Some of the best photography locations in Palos Verdes include:

  • Queen’s Necklace Overlook: a hidden gem that’s a slice of heaven at night. This is because, in the evening, the coastline in the Santa Monica Bay from Malibu in the north through Santa Monica and down to Palos Verdes looks like a “necklace of lights”.
  • Palos Verdes Sea Caves: on the rugged shoreline of Palos Verdes, you’ll find a series of caves. A tip: you may fancy going to the Sacred Cove in Rancho Palos Verdes, as it’s the largest (and the most photogenic) of the sea caves. 
  • South Coast Botanic Garden: 87 stunning acres of lush greenery, flowering fruit trees, and a small lake that attracts various birds such as ducks, geese, coots, and herons is what you have to look forward to if you visit this botanic garden. With various unique gardens inside, you and your Palos Verdes California photographer will surely find some inspiring spots to snap your special moment. 

Palos Verdes: imbibe the beauty that lies in the contrast of ocean vs. city, and everything in between. It’ll all be worth it, I assure you.

March 30, 2023

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